Income Protection Cover

Individual Income Protection:

save moneyIs designed for the self-employed or someone in employment where this cover is not provided by the employer.

The maximum amount of salary that you can protect is 75% less the current State Disability benefit of €9,776.  For those who are self employed there is no state disability payable.

Example based on a  non smoker.

John is a  41 year old accountant, currently earning €50,000.  He wants to protect his salary in the event he is out of work due to accident or illness.  He selects a three month waiting period and chooses a premium which is guaranteed (no premium reviews).  In the event of a claim the following is payable:

Annual amount payable.  = €27,723.80

Premium €121.36 per month
Tax relief at 41% €  49.76 per month
Net Cost €  71.60 per month


Executive Income Protection:

This plan is taken out by an Employer on behalf of an Employee.  Contributions to an Executive Income Protection Plan can qualify for tax relief as a deductible business expense.  This plan does not attract tax or BIK for the employee so it is seen as very attractive incentive.

Mortgage Income Protection:

Mortgage Income Protection cover pays your mortgage and loan repayments if you were out of work due to an illness or disability.

Wage Protector:

Is a cost effective alternative to Income Protection designed for those who cannot afford full Income Protection, but would like to have some level of cover in place.

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