Guaranteed Investments

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At any time, there are about 15 guaranteed investment products available in Ireland. The main providers are: BCP, EBS, Merrion, Wealth Options, Quintas, Bank of Ireland, New Ireland, KBC Bank, Allied Irish Bank, Goodbody’s, Irish Life, Zurich.  This list will change on a monthly basis.

The purpose of these investments is to guarantee a return of 100% of your original investment and an element of additional growth.  The growth is achieved through exposure to an Index or fund e.g. Euroxtoxx 50, FTSE 100,  S&P 500.

The difficult part is deciding:

  • which product suits your needs best,
  • who provides the capital guarantee,
  • the costs involved and
  • the potential for investment return.

At Future we provide a monthly analysis of all the products available to help clients decipher each product. Whilst these trackers can be useful investment vehicles, it is important to be realistic regarding potential returns. A product offering an absolute capital guarantee does so at a cost.

If you are interested in a Capital Guaranteed Investment then speak to our investment advisor’s who will help you decide which investment product is most suitable for your time horizon and needs.

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