Investment Planning can be complex. You may be considering investing a lump sum, regular amounts or perhaps you have an existing portfolio that has not been reviewed for a while.

Our qualified team of investment advisers will help you to explore the many investment options available. In the current economic climate, deposit rates are low, and you may want to consider alternatives.   We are here to help you get the most out of your investments.strategy

We will clearly explain  the different types of investments available and how they work including the investment risks involved. By reviewing your investments on a regular basis, we can help to keep them on track and advise you if  changes need to be made.

Our role is to help clients make a rational investment choice based on all the information. There are lots of glossy investment brochures available and it is our job to help you look behind the cover and understand what each product may offer you.  In essence, we act as a financial coach to help steer you towards a more profitable investment experience.

Through Future you can access; investment bonds, international fund managers, stock brokers and private equity.

Deposits: we act as a deposit taker for Investec Bank.

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