Private Medical Insurance

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Q. Do I need Private Medical Insurance

A. Contrary to popular belief public hospital treatment is not free unless you hold a medical card.  “Going public” will now cost you €80per day to a maximum of €800 per annum regardless of whether you are a child or an adult. Even though private health insurance costs are increasing there are still savings to be made. Many are remaining on the same plans and missing out not only on potential savings, in some cases enhanced benefits.

Q. Questions to ask yourself before you decide which plan is right for you?

A. What kind of cover is important to me ?

  • To be covered for private/semi-private accommodation in a private hospital?
  • To be covered for day cases in private hospital?
  • Am I prepared to pay an excess of €75/€125 per hospital stay?
  • Are day to day benefits important to me? (to be covered for GP, dental or physio benefits)

Q. Can I avail of Corporate Plans?

A.  Yes. An Insurer must sell you the plan you request.  Some plans are marketed towards certain groups such as companies.  An individual is entitled to these plans also regardless of whether you are a member of the group to whom it is marketed.

Q. What are the advantages of using a Regulated Financial Advisor?

A.  A financial advisor will assist you in selecting a plan that is suitable for your needs.  Financial Advisors may be more aware of the large selection of plans that are available including plans offer to corporate bodies.

Q. Will it make my premium more expensive if I use a financial advisor?

A.  No. The financial advisor will get paid a commission from the provider of the cover, this is currently 6%.  This will have no impact on your premium.

Q. Can I change my mind after buying health insurance?

A. You can cancel your health insurance contract within 14 days of commencement of the policy.  No claims will be paid for these fourteen days and if you have paid a premium it will be refunded.

Q. What are the main benefits of health insurance?

  • Cover for private & semi private accommodation in both private and public hospitals.
  • Cover for day case procedures in private hospitals, avoiding long delays in the public system
  • Access to MRI, CT & PET-scans in approved centers, cutting out the long delays that are currently in the public system.
  • Cover for in hospital consultant services as a private patient
  • Access to consultant and hospital of your choice

Q. Can I switch health insurers?

A. It is your right under Irish Law, to switch providers at your renewal date, without any penalties. Once you have served your waiting periods they will not have to be reserved with any other provider so long as there is no break of more than 13 weeks in your cover.  However, you cannot switch provider mid-term as you will incur a cancellation fee.

Q. If I switch providers will there be a break in my cover?

A.  Once you have served your initial waiting periods with your current provider, there will be no break in cover and you will not have to re-serve waiting periods.  As long as the break has been less than 13 weeks there is considered to be no break in cover.

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