Frequently Asked Employer Questions

Does your current Pension scheme give good value to the employer and members?

The introduction of the pensions levy in 2011 has brought fund management charges into sharp focus. Have you recently checked to ensure your scheme represents good value compared to what is currently available in the market?

At Future we are conscious of providing good value for both employer and employee – Contact Future for professional pension advice

Are you happy with the Investment Performance of your current scheme?

Investment Performance,  is a fundamental part of operating an occupational pension scheme and yet can sometimes get little consideration. The concept is broader than comparing your current fund manager against the market; it should also address how appropriate the investment approach is for employees of varying ages.

Are your current Death In Service and Income Protection benefits cost effective?

Is your current advisor checking the market annually to ensure you avail of the most competitive life assurance and income protection cover.

Member Retirement Service

As an employee exits employment it can be a confusing time and one which requires careful planning. We provide a Retirement Service to Employees to help members choose the right combination of options. Employees need to make an informed choice and we are ideally placed to offer members independent advice. In the absence of this service, employees will direct questions to the HR department who may not have expertise in this specific area.

For  advice on pension planning: Contact Future