Generating income in retirement

For some of us, retirement is about getting round to doing things we’ve always wanted to do and taking additional holidays.  For most of us however, it’s about making sure we maintain a standard of living similar to that which we enjoyed when we were working.

Wealth Management

When you decide to retire, you initially are faced with the choice of converting your retirement fund to an annuity/pension which provides a guaranteed income for life or investing in an Approved Retirement Fund or indeed a combination of both.

Choices at retirement

  • Buy an annuity
  • Investment in an Approved Retirement Fund ARF
  • Combination of both

No two individuals circumstances are the same, so it is important to fully understand which option best suits your needs.  At Future, we work with the client to understand their income in retirement needs and expectations and how this can be generated.  This can be a challenging time as it may be difficult to generate the income required without taking too much risk.

We start by fully understanding our clients needs and expectations and we can then prepare a financial model to suit their requirements.

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