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Plan for your Retirement – Your future starts now

A famous person once said: “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” To that point, financial advisors stress that planning for retirement should start early to build up a solid pension fund to enable you to enjoy your retirement. It will get you into the habit of saving, and the earlier you start […]

Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) – What you need to know

  Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) imposes a charge on individuals who receive a gift or inheritance where the value of the gift/inheritance exceeds their lifetime tax free threshold.  Previously no CAT was charged on monies given by an individual during his/her lifetime for the support maintenance or education of his/her children. Finance Act 2014 introduced […]

The Do’s and Dont’s of Pension Planning

In a few weeks’ time, the controversial pension levy – which is estimated to have taken €2bn from the pockets of those paying into private pensions over the last four years – will be slashed from 0.75pc to 0.15pc. This is good news for anyone with a private pension as it means that less money […]

Have you insured what matters most?

Let’s face it………..nobody is invincible. That is why planning ahead is so important. How would you protect yourself or your family if you were to suffer from a serious illness? SPECIFIED ILLNESS COVER – WHAT IS IT? Specified illness cover pays you a lump sum should you suffer from one of a list of illness […]

Advantages of Buy Out Bonds:

A pension Buy Out Bond is a product into which you can transfer money that you have saved in a group pension scheme, commonly used when changing employer. It is essentially a portable pension pot that the individual owns and has complete control over. Rising sales of the product are generally perceived as a gloomy […]

Diagnosed with a Serious Illness? – get a second opinion for free

Medically……….When A Second Opinion Really Counts. Being diagnosed with a serious illness would be an emotionally overwhelming experience if it happened to you. You would have lots of questions. It is most likely that the first question would be “Will I get better?” and secondly “Is my diagnosis correct?” Now, there is someone to help […]

Making a will

Its not the most exciting prospect, but everyone, no matter how small their estate should have a valid Will.  In the absence of a Will, unnecessary costs and long time delays can be experienced.  If you are reading this blog, its on your mind, so no time like the present to get started! Getting started […]

Employees over 60? Read this

Currently, there is no single mandatory retirement age for employees in Ireland. Typically, an employee’s retirement age is set out in their Contract of Employment – this can vary from one Company/Industry to the next. Alternatively, precedent/established custom and practice within the Company can determine the retirement age of its employees.  It is important for […]

Inheritance Tax for non married couple

Civil Partners and cohabitants – is there inheritance tax on death? Our society  is changing and more people are choosing to live together in non-married relationships. Statistics tell us that 1 in 10 adults in Ireland are co-habiting. With the implementation of the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights & Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010, rights […]